Are You Ready for a Change, but Unsure Where to Begin?

There is a mysterious ebb and flow to life, as it weaves a tapestry littered with twisted threads of joy and pain, comfort and sorrow.

In moments of elation it can be difficult to imagine times of agony, and vice versa. Yet these two seasons, and all others that surround them, work together in inexplicable harmony to create our human experience.

You might currently be in a season that has you reeling, or maybe you are feeling the lingering effects of past hurts and you wonder when you will rediscover your equilibrium. Or maybe you are in a season of self-discovery and are curious to learn more about what makes you you. What makes you tick.

Perhaps you have been through an experience of great loss. Whether it is loss from death, divorce, a job, relationship, or dream you desire to feel ok again. Maybe the suffering of relational distress is keeping you up at night, leaving you feeling keyed up or on edge. Or possibly, old strategies for dealing with past hurts or wounds no longer work, and you’ve recognized the need for a new approach.

No matter what life circumstance or internal experience has brought you here, consider yourself courageous and resilient. The journey of growth is not always easy, but I promise you, it is worth it.

Helping others find deeper levels of understanding and self-acceptance is one of my greatest passions. I consider it a true honor to witness the strength and bravery of others as they pursue growth and healing. I have loved watching clients discover a deeper sense of who they are and gain a clearer understanding of how they desire to operate in the world. I love the restorative nature of therapy and the impact that our growth not only has on us, but also on those around us.

Is it time for you to step into a deeper level of healing or rediscover your equilibrium? Is it time to address old hurts and discover new strategies to reach your full potential? If it is, I would love to speak with you further and hear your story.

With care,

Michelle Moon, MS
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